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WashPod units can be bought outright or provided with simple, no-nonsense monthly plans. See below for more details.

Who is WashPod for?

WashPod from Dignity Access is an accessible, mobile, temporary wet room for anyone who has a disability, either through trauma, injury or old age, and would like to spend longer in their own home. It can be fitted internally or externally.

Sounds interesting. What’s the first step?

To ensure that WashPod is a feasible proposition, the first step is a telephone conversation to discuss your needs and the space you have available. This is usually followed up with an online search and a site visit.

Can I see a video of the installation process?

Yes, you can. Here is a time-lapse video of the internal WashPod installation and here’s one of the external WashPod installation.

How quickly can I get a WashPod ordered and installed?

If a unit is available and there are no site issues, WashPod can be fitted and ready for use in a matter of 2 – 4 weeks. The installation itself only takes 1 – 3 days for an external unit and a day for an internal unit, depending on the circum-stances. If no unit is available, or if client-specific finishes and fittings are required, it may take longer, but rarely more than 6 weeks.

What is the planning procedure like for an external WashPod unit?

The external WashPod unit is a temporary structure so planning permission is not normally required. However, we always check with the local planners in each case to ensure this is the situation. Very occasionally, we may need to apply for temporary planning permission.

Where will the WashPod go in my home?

Internal WashPod units can be sited in any room that will house a box of approximately 4m x 3m. External WashPod units are usually sited to the rear or side of the property. In most circumstances, WashPod will be connected to the house with a small, insulated lobby that is constructed on-site from an existing doorway or even a modified window opening. There is none of the stress and disruption from through-house traffic apart from connecting the unit’s electrical supply to the fuse box.

How much will WashPod Cost?

WashPod can be rented on a monthly basis for a minimum rental period of 6 months. The standard internal WashPod unit is £700 per month with an installation cost of £750.

An external standalone unit will cost £950 a month with an installation cost of £1,500. In addition, there may be the cost of a temporary connecting lobby, but this is very much dependent upon circumstances. 

Sales of units can also be negotiated if required.

All costs are subject to VAT.

These costs compare favourably to the costs of relocating to a nursing home or hospital care and don’t take into account the welfare benefits.

How does the WashPod unit get water and electricity?

WashPod units can now be installed either inside the home or externally.

The external WashPod unit measures approximately 4.0m long x 2.0m wide by 2.4m high. The external envelope is made of a highly insulated material which acts as an external shell to the internal sleeve which is similar to the internal WashPod unit. The internal dimensions are 3.2m long x 2.0m wide by 2.1m high.

The internal WashPod unit is not insulated as it is sited within the home, erected preferably within a downstairs room. Internal WashPod units are fitted with a sliding privacy door in order to maximise room flexibility. The room configuration needs to be considered in conjunction to the accessibility needs of the client. Any additional ramps into the unit are supplied and fitted by our installation team.

Service connections to and from the WashPod unit are simple. A fresh cold water supply and 2 x 13amp domestic electrical sockets within the home are all that are required. Externally an outside tap is ideal. Internally, our own installers will make a temporary connection into your domestic water supply.

The shower and WC wastes are pumped via a 35mm flexible pipe to a suitable outlet.